At Spark, we do community healthcare differently.

Imagine a healthcare experience that’s all about you – with personalized care and therapy tailored to your unique needs and goals. That’s our vision, and it’s pretty simple, really:

At Spark, we believe care should be personal, straightforward, and accessible for everyone. We offer streamlined, full-service care across Ontario and Canada with your community’s top healthcare providers – working together in “one place.”

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Bringing You the Convenience of Care

We believe that healthcare should not be confined to walls of clinics and hospitals but a journey that brings us to your doorstep. At Spark, we deliver “care” to you, right where you’re most comfortable – at home and in your community.

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Building Your Dream Team

We match you with trusted, respected, and dedicated healthcare providers – the kind of people you’d want in your corner, working together to make sure you receive the best quality care. Think of it like building your own all-star healthcare team. Learn more about our approach.

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Delivering Quality Care

We provide our care providers with the support, tools, and resources they need to offer you the best care. From a wide range of support services to community programs, our providers are not just the professionals you seek, but the “partners” you need.

Our Story

Spark Lifecare began in 2012, born out of the belief that all healthcare should be viewed through a “human lens,” where personal connections are paramount and all persons are treated with dignity and respect. Our Founder and “misfit” at heart, Brad Bezan, saw the need for a different approach to care, one that put relationships first.

Bradley Bezan, Founder of Spark Lifecare
Care at Spark Lifecare

A Cog in the Wheel

Before Spark, Brad was a respite worker and small “cog” in a big healthcare system. He saw firsthand the shortcomings of a system that prioritized rules and processes over real care for people. Impersonal interactions left him disheartened and made him question whether the system genuinely cared for the people it was meant to serve.

A Conviction for Relationships

Brad’s conviction was clear: “Relationships” had to be at the heart of healthcare. He believed that building meaningful connections with clients and involving their families was not just beneficial but essential for providing effective and quality care. It was this belief that set him on a path to change the status quo.

With support from like-minded individuals who shared his vision, he crafted the foundation of what would become “Spark Lifecare,” forging the identity of Spark as a social enterprise with a profound purpose to help people live happier, healthier lives.

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Spark Lifecare HQ building in Ottawa, Ontario

A Mission to Redefine Healthcare

Since the start of Spark, Brad’s unparalleled dedication and innovative thinking have helped create a unique vision for the company:

“I believe the Spark way is going to be the future of Canadian healthcare. Spark culture is based on compassion, empathy, and humanism. I want us to be the gold standard with client and employee treatment. I want us to be a pillar example of a healthcare company that is people-driven, not bottom-line driven or ‘clinic’ oriented.” – Bradley Bezan

As Spark’s vision has evolved, so have its services and offerings. Spark has blossomed into a comprehensive and tech-forward healthcare provider, offering more than 15 different services, all under one roof.

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