The 8 Ways We Help You Live Happier and Healthier Lives

When you need support for yourself or your loved one it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

If you're dealing with a recent big change like an accident or a diagnosis it's stressful enough knowing what the next step is, without having to make sense of a bunch of new terms.

We get all this, and that's why we start with a free Discovery Session before you make any decisions or commitments. It's your chance to tell us everything you think we should know. Not just what you need help with, but personal things like your favourite foods, what you like to do for fun and what's most important to you.

But maybe you want some information before the sit down, to make sure it'll be worth your time. We've got you covered. Here are the 8 ways we can help you live your best life: 

1. Housekeeping

Spark housekeeping helps clean and maintain your home.  We're there to help reduce stress and worry, allowing you to focus on more important things. Our housekeeping includes:

  • cleaning: kitchen, bathrooms, floors, windows, walls
  • organization: cupboards, closets, rooms
  • home maintenance: gardening, yard care

2. Respite Care

Respite is an intentional break from normal routine. It's temporary care for your kids and dependents that allows everyone to take a break.  Respite care has been shown to improve the health and wellbeing of the families who benefit from it. It's also a lot of fun! It can involve anything from a rock climbing lesson to sitting in the park. It all depends on what your loved one needs and enjoys.

3. Attendant Care

Attendant caregivers assist with any and all of your personal care needs, including dressing, grooming, bathing, feeding, meal preparation, mobility, supervisory care or more complex tasks involving medication and skin care. Our attendant caregivers are well trained and highly experienced. Whether you are living with a disability, have an unusual need or have recently left the hospital, we can help.

4. Companion Care

At Spark, companion care services go the extra mile. We know that some of you need more than just a companion. You need a trusted friend who will make your life easier and more enjoyable. This can include meal preparation, light housekeeping, accompaniment for shopping and appointments and support with participating the things you love to do.

5. Rehabilitation Assistance

If you've been in an accident or are recovering from a stroke or a medical condition that has affected your quality of life, this service is for you. Our rehabilitation team has an abundance of experience, education, training and passion for the job. They specialize in providing goal-oriented care for a variety of needs and backgrounds. Wherever you are on your rehabilitation journey, we provide strategies that help you work towards your goals. We give you extra encouragement on the tough days and celebrate your milestones.

6. Recreational Therapy

A recognized and well established therapy that uses what you love to do as the fuel for improving your quality of life. Our licensed Recreation Therapists work with you to improve life skills, maximize engagement and increase independence. This treatment benefits people of all ages and ability levels, and is never, ever boring.

7. Applied BehavioUral Analysis

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a specific principle-based approach that teaches your loved one life skills and brings about positive changes in their behaviour. ABA strategies include reinforcement, prompting, shaping and task analysis. They can be used at home, at school, or in the community to help your child or dependent manage life's challenges more easily and effectively.

8. Intensive BehavioUral Intervention

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is a structured and intensive approach to promoting development and changes in behaviour. It's most often used with kids on the Autism spectrum to help them develop skills for greater independence.

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