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Nursing Week: Celebrating Spark Nurses and PSWs

Nursing Week couldn’t come at a more poignant time given the current pandemic crisis. At a local level, our healthcare providers are working around the clock: full time, overtime, and then some to help save lives and comfort those in need. At Spark, we believe Nursing Week should be celebrated...
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A Boy, A Bird, and A Nurse, COVID-19, Dravet Syndrome, Friendship, Nurses, Nursing, Pandemic, Spark Stories

A Boy, A Bird, and A Nurse

When 2020 arrived, no one could have guessed how many challenges the world would be facing in such a short period of time. Medically-fragile and immunocompromised children felt the impact of the global pandemic in a big way. They were forced to stay in the safety of their own homes...
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Alea de Castro: Fearless on the Frontline

There are those of us in life who know our path before we take it. While others paths’ choose them – long before they begin to travel the road unknown.   Alea de Castro, a registered nurse in both Ontario and British Columbia, was recently crowned Spark Lifecare’s “Ontario Healthcare Hero”....
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Misfit: My Story of Family, Mental Illness and Belonging

Like my father and his father before him, I’ve battled anxiety all my life. I learned early how important it is to talk about it. It’s taken some time, but I’m finally ready to share my story. Bradley Bezan Home and Second Home I grew up in Kapuskasing, Ontario. Industry...
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