Spark Staff
Spark Staff
March 08, 2023
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International Women’s Day is a time to commemorate the achievements of women all around the world, while also acknowledging the continued importance of gender equality and inclusivity across different races, identities, and backgrounds. This Women’s Day, Spark recognizes and celebrates the many contributions of our women leaders, who make up more than 80% of the organization – from our caregivers, frontline workers, and therapists to our care and leadership teams.

Collage celebrating Spark's women leaders
Spark recognizes the many contributions of our women leaders, who make up more than 80% of the organization.

In further celebration of today, we’re shining a spotlight on the women of our HQ team. Hear their first-hand thoughts on women in leadership at Spark and what this nationally recognized day means to them.

How do you feel about women’s leadership at Spark? What does it mean to have so many women leaders at Spark?

Jen Mulligan

Jen Mulligan

Director of Payroll & HR

Spark is made up mostly of women. We are badass human beings capable of so much.

Having so many women leaders at Spark is a strong indicator that we practice what we preach. We respect and empower all gender identities, particularly historically oppressed ones. It means not just femme-presenting women, but butch-presenting like me. Spark supports our growth, and leadership, and enhances our professional development wherever it can.

Brianna Taggart

Brianna Taggart

Finance Manager

I feel so privileged to work alongside an amazing and supportive group of women at Spark. When women support each other incredible things happen. We are a strong team, and we are strongest together. Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to one another. We’re strongest when we cheer on and uplift one another.

Anyi Ndongko

Anyi Ndongko

Creative Director

To be able to witness women leaders at Spark excel so amazingly at what they do, topped off with their supportiveness and generosity, keeps me humbled and inspired to be better and do better

I remember a point in my career when I felt dismissed and unheard, subjecting myself to a belief that I wasn’t worthy or valuable. And to now come to a place where I feel heard and respected can only be attributed to the presence of the many diverse women and supportive colleagues that make Spark what it is today.

Truth be told – we are only as empowered as the environment and people that nurture us.

More Shared Perspectives from Our Women Leaders

“We have many great leaders here at Spark, from the admin team and care partners to our directors. I also want to include our caregivers, who continue to provide exceptional care, despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Women, men, members and allies of our LGBTQ+ community, represent the diversity we have here at Spark. It means a lot to me to represent a company and staff that truly cares about the clients they serve.”

“Spark’s leadership team is mainly womxn with a very diverse array of ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexualities, and experiences. The teamwork found amongst leadership is a unification of strong voices that I have never seen thrive so naturally. 

Having predominantly womxn leaders at Spark has changed how the business is usually done. By giving a womxn a voice, she/they are able to further give that microphone to other womxn on our frontline to have their voice heard as well. When societal “norms” are challenged and changed, there is a positive ripple effect that echoes downstream to everyone involved, including our clients.”

International Women’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate not only our women leaders but diversity and inclusion as a whole. By encouraging more diverse representation in healthcare and other industries, with provided support and opportunities, we will be able to realize the successes of those deserving and become a part of the positive changes we wish to see.



  1. Anyi


    So great to hear the perspectives of the many women who make up the team.
    Happy Women’s Day!!

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