George & Cody

George was only four years old when he was struck by a car. The resulting injuries were severe. Casting and bracing kept him immobile and in need of constant care. He suffered memory loss and his speech became impaired. His parents were devastated.

When George came to us, we knew Cody would be a perfect fit as his caregiver. Cody not only specializes in pediatric acquired brain injuries, he also has a real heart for young kids. The two of them quickly developed a strong bond.

Under the direction of the Occupational Therapist, Cody provided care and friendship while George recovered from his injuries. Since George wasn’t in a position to start school, Cody helped build his memory capacity, and develop his vocabulary.  He played games with George that would help him progress in his range of motion. With Cody at his side, George felt encouraged and motivated. Soon after the casts came off he started crawling across the floor. Eventually he could pull himself off the ground. The next week he was putting all of his weight on one foot. The week after he could stand up on his own. Eventually he was taking a few steps, using the walls for balance. Then, finally, he was walking all on his own. Every week we would check in on George’s progress and he would proudly show us, saying “looking what I can do now!”

Throughout George’s rehabilitation we collaborated with his Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Speech Pathologist to ensure that Cody had all the information he needed to provide the highest quality of support.

George has come a long way in the last year. He is swimming, running, climbing stairs and keeping his parents busy. He still needs supervision and frequent breaks, but he is happy, healthy and active. He has brought a lot of joy to the Spark Community.


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