Jeff, Mike & Allison

Patrick was shocked by the change in his son after the accident. Though his physical injuries would eventually heal, Jeff’s cognitive abilities had been significantly impacted. He had difficulty with impulse control and regulating his emotions. Small things could set him off. He started struggling at school, becoming tired more easily. Communicating with family and friends was often frustrating. Patrick worked long days at a physically demanding job. On the days he didn’t have the time or energy to do what Jeff wanted to do, Jeff would be devastated.

When Mike and Allison began working with Jeff they focused on a simple but important message: we are on your team. Their time with Jeff is goal-oriented, but informal so Jeff doesn’t feel that he’s being judged or lectured. Jeff is a great lover of sports, which made Mike and Allison’s genuine enthusiasm for hockey key. Playing sports in the afternoons helps Jeff expend pent-up energy and transition from school to home. In the mornings Mike and Allison focus on helping him regulate his morning routine, teaching him how to set himself up for a positive day.

Within months of connecting with Spark, Jeff is thriving. Fewer incidents at school. More energy. A better understanding of how his choices lead to consequences. Patrick is happy and relieved that Jeff is doing so well. He no longer worries about him daily. His mind is at ease knowing Jeff is receiving the care he needs. Whether it’s playing catch, getting ready for school, or preparing for a tough conversation, Mike and Allison take every opportunity to help Jeff grow.


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