Lana & Zeljka

Lana came to us with a very specific request: to connect her with a caregiver as good as Zeljka. Ever since Zeljka moved away, Lana had been cycling through workers who lacked either the professionalism or the interpersonal skills Lana needed from her caregiver. After her car accident, Lana found communicating in English exhausting, especially now that she needed such regular medical attention. She wanted a caregiver who was compassionate, who would listen carefully and translate highly sensitive information respectfully and accurately. Fortunately, Zeljka returned to Ottawa during our matching process, and after meeting with her and establishing that she met our high standards of care, we welcomed her into the Spark* Community.


Zeljka provides the same quality of care she always did, but with a level of support she’s never had before. She’s been amazed by the quality of our process, the regularity of our communication, and the commitment we bring to both workers and families. Her experience with Spark* has given her a brighter perspective on what a career in this field could look like. Lana has a better understanding of the services available to her, and feels comfortable asking us questions. She now looks forward to meetings and doctor’s appointments, rather than dreading them. She spends less time at home and more time going for walks and attending art galleries, because she has a trusted friend alongside her.


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