Manha & Sladjana

Manha had always been on her feet: raising three children, running a household, working for the family business. The car accident changed everything. Walking from one room to another with assistance was now exhausting. Her balance was shaky and she suffered chronic pain. Too much sunlight and long conversations would cause splitting headaches. This led to spending a lot of time alone at home. Isolation led to battles with depression. For a time Manha’s family took care of her needs as best they could. When her youngest daughter moved away, they didn’t know who would provide the care she needed.

When we met with her, it was clear that Manha needed someone who was soft spoken, gentle, and patient.  Spark matched her with an excellent caregiver, but after a month we realized that the fit didn’t meet our high standards. Once we connected Manha with Sladjana, it was clear right away that we had made the right call.

Sladjana brought the peaceful, caring energy that Manha needed. Her background in Social Work provided a high comfort level anticipating and responding to Manha’s variety of needs. As they slowly worked to improve Manha’s energy and motivation, Sladjana quickly developed an intuitive understanding of when she needed rest and when she needed the encouragement to push on. Eventually, Manha reached a level of trust and comfort with Sladjana that she’d never had with a caregiver before. This allowed Sladjana to provide valuable insight to Manha’s team of care providers into how best to communicate with her.

Sladjana consistently looks for ways to make Manha’s life brighter, like providing homemade “spa days”, courtesy of her cosmetics background. Manha used to spend most of her time sitting in a dark room. Now she is baking cookies, planting flowers in her garden and visiting museums. Her life is less lonely and more healthy, less painful and more hopeful.


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