Nora & Jamie

Nora’s life was completely changed by the car accident. A busy mom with two teenage daughters, what used to be a regular day became an exhausting one. She was frustrated by her lack of mobility, and suffered from post-traumatic stress episodes that would trigger flashbacks to the accident.

Before she found Spark, Nora’s care consisted of a rotation of workers, with no clear schedule of who she should expect when. Some workers would sleep through their shifts, others would leave early, one would simply ignore Nora most of the time. Nora was mostly house-bound during the day because she didn’t trust her workers to drive her safely. Needless to say, the lack of consistency, trust and consideration added to the stress she and her family were already dealing with.

When we met Nora, we recognized that she needed support from someone who did more than just show up. We found Jamie, an experienced and passionate rehabilitation support worker who lives in Nora’s part of the city. Both “go-getters” with active lifestyles, Jamie and Nora hit it off right away. Jamie immediately connected with Nora’s Occupational Therapist to understand how best she could support Nora’s Plan of Care. Understanding that Nora was pushing herself too hard, and experiencing frustrating setbacks as a result, Jamie helped Nora find the balance between “too much” and “not enough.”

Now, Nora and her family know they can count on Jamie showing up on time, every day. Having identified Nora’s flashback triggers, Jamie takes care to provide a safe environment, and responds appropriately when they occur. Due to the trust they’ve developed, Nora is comfortable having Jamie drive her to run errands and spend time in the park. Jamie continues to communicate regularly with the Occupational Therapist and ensure that Nora is progressing in her Plan of Care. With Jamie’s enthusiastic support, Nora is less tired, less stressed, and more motivated than ever.


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