The Furgusons & Allison

The Fergusons had become frustrated with the unreliability of their care-providing company. Retired, healthy and independent, they just needed help staying physically and mentally active, and wanted someone who would be truly invested.

Enter Allison.  With her past certifications and education in Seniors Land Fitness and Aquafitness, as well as professional experience in the retirement living industry, Allison had the right background to support the Fergusons. But it was her sense of humour, punctuality and commitment to care that made her a perfect fit.

Allison designed a schedule that would balance work, play and rest, from sweating it out in fitness classes, to puzzling over the crossword, to using Google Maps to visit familiar and new places, to simply chatting over a cup of team. The Fergusons were thrilled that they had finally found someone who was truly committed to helping them thrive.


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