Watch This Globe and Mail Video On Why Brad Started Spark

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson
July 23, 2013
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Lights Photo by Aurelie Jouan, Spark Updates

“Whether it was outlined on the back of a paper napkin, it was financed by your sister’s mother-in-law’s next-door neighbour, or it was a desperation move after you were laid off by a corporation, we want to hear about how your small or medium-sized business got its start.” 

That is the summary of the Globe and Mail’s “How I Started” video series, which profiles intrepid Canadian entrepreneurs and lets them tell their story in their own words. Our founder Brad Bezan was recently given this opportunity. Watch the video below to hear the heartrending story of how Spark was born in a moment when someone surprised him with a request he couldn’t meet. That moment changed his life forever. 

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