Will & Kathleen

Spark has had the privilege of supporting Will for over 2 years. Outspoken, jovial, and incredibly intelligent, Will is a diehard Sens and Jays fan who loves discussing politics, playing sports, and participating in his community theatre company.

Living with Asperger’s and limited mobility, Will’s long term goal is to find steady employment.  When he came to us, we connected him with Kathleen. Compassionate, organized, and a great communicator, Kathleen committed immediately to helping Will thrive. Knowing that Will was a talented musician, she connected him with a local nursing home, where he began performing once a week.

Will is a committed performer, continually looks for new songs to play and new ways to give his audience a meaningful experience. Kathleen facilitates by helping him develop professionalism in his approach and learn strategies to connect with the people who come to hear him play. She provides feedback so Will can modify his set and his performance style in response to the audience.

Kathleen also provides Will with transportation, assists with daily errands like grocery shopping, and consistently engages him in conversation. She helps him identify his strengths and find the best ways to explore his passions, express himself, and be a contributing member of his community.


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