How much does care cost?

It depends on what you need. We walk you through the options during your free consultation with a Care Partner.
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Do I pay my care provider directly?

We make the payment process as simple and transparent as possible. With that said, your care provider can’t accept payment directly from clients. Every month we’ll email you an invoice that allows you to use any of the payment methods we offer. It also has a link that lets you...
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Can you bill my insurance company?

Absolutely. We are a Licensed Service Provider with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario which means we can invoice your services and offer direct billing straight to your insurance company. It spares you a lot of paperwork, and many headaches!
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Can I hire my care provider privately?

A significant part of the service we provide happens before you even meet your care provider. Research, background checks, interviews, consultations, care plans and onboarding – to name just a few. We also equip our care providers with things like liability and accident insurance, training and education resources, health benefits,...
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What methods of payment do you accept?

Paying for services should be hassle-free, which is why we accept almost every form of payment there is, including major credit cards, debit, cash, cheque and e-transfer.
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Why do you charge HST?

Simply, because we have to. We’ve tried in the past to save our clients from HST charges, but CRA requires it on our invoices.
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