What exactly does Spark do?

We match you with the the most trusted, respected and committed healthcare providers in your community. We do this through a simple process that you’re in charge of: Listen to your story on what your quality of life is now, and what you want it to be. Choose your match...
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What goes into your matching process?

The Spark matching process means care that is tailored to you. Before any commitments are made, you tell us your story. What you love. What you struggle with. Where your life is, and where you want to be. We listen. We really listen. Next, we put together a shortlist of...
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What is a Care Partner?

Care Partners wears many hats! They: Create and apply your care plan Manage all the details of your care Act as the main point of contact between you and your caregivers Advocate for you to any and all people involved in your care Above all, a Care Partner always prioritizes...
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