What it means to work with us

Working with Spark means joining a community of people who value and support your growth and well-being. Who care about each other’s struggles and successes. Who are committed to a common vision, culture and set of values. 

It means being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Why work with Spark

We want everyone who’s part of our community to have the opportunity to live their best life. That includes having the financial resources and community support you need to feel healthy, secure and included.

Some reasons to choose us:

A community where you can grow
A culture where the sky’s the limit
A team where you’re celebrated
Choose your own clients
Choose your own hours
Socially connected while physically distant

We’re looking for people who are…

Spark Team Empathetic


You can see things from someone else’s perspective. You respond to conflicts and disagreements with compassion, patience, and respect.

Great Communicators

You listen well, pick up on nonverbal cues, and can mediate for those who struggle to communicate. You’re able to be direct, but kind. Open, but tactful. Assertive, but not aggressive.

Spark Team Great Communicators
Spark Team Committed


You’re driven by a strong commitment to the people you work with. You don’t need others to motivate you or keep you accountable. You’re always proactive, prompt and professional.

Team Oriented

You thrive on sharing ideas, responsibilities and experiences with others. You see your team’s success as your own. You take criticism well and love to celebrate others.

Spark Team Team Oriented
Spark Team Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers

You can think on your feet. You respond quickly, calmly and effectively to challenges and crises.


You think outside the box and seek out unconventional ideas and experiences. You don’t stick with the status quo.

Spark Team Creative
Spark Team Passionate

Passionate about People

Helping people live their best life is not just a job for you. It’s part of who you are. You do it with enthusiasm because you want to make your community healthier and happier, one person at a time.

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At Spark, we are always looking for caring and compassionate people to join our community. We offer varied positions, from home and community to therapeutic care.

Spark offers its staff the flexibility and opportunity to work in various types of care.

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We love making a real difference in people’s lives. Every opening represents a unique person who’s looking for someone who cares enough to try. Maybe someone like you.
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