Allison Carroll

Director of Community Engagement


Allison is our people person! She loves talking with people, learning about people, and helping people. She loves connecting with the community to share her experiences with Spark and how we can best help those who need us most.
Allison has been with Spark since the early days and is so proud of how this company has grown and developed over the years, as well as the people who have helped get us to where we are today. To be a bit blunt, it’s mind boggling to work alongside some of the most brilliant minds in our field.

Deciding that this much knowledge should not go unnoticed, Allison also founded Spark University, a non-profit dedicated towards supporting and educating caregivers. Utilizing her education in Recreation Therapy, Allison is passionate about self care and authenticity: two qualities all caregivers should practice. Her personal experience in losing both her father and father in law to cancer and watching her mom and mother in law become caregivers inspired her to create new and fun content to help caregivers on their journey.

Outside of work, Allison is hanging out with her husband and two young kids, or finding some quiet time by reading, watercolour painting, or getting creative with a DIY project 🎨.. One other favourite things to do is sit around the kitchen table with good friends, good food, and a good board game.

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