Recognizing Ontario’s incredible healthcare workers.

This past year brought on unprecedented times and our healthcare community is what has got us through. We’re taking the remaining profit and changing the life of a healthcare hero in Ontario who went above and beyond to protect the community by giving them $10,000 CAD.

Someone who put their own lives at risk by working their essential job during the pandemic to keep us safe. This could be a nurse, a support worker, therapist or healthcare aid. Each as important as the next and deserving of so much more than they got.

A Word from Our CEO

Hey Ontario, 

I was recently going through year end financial reviews as I do every year and something unexpected caught my eye. As a social enterprise, Spark gauges it’s success on the impact we have on our clients vs the impact of our bottom line. Since inception, we have carefully planned a break even year end focused on re-investing our potential profits into our people and systems.

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Alea de Castro!

Ontario’s Healthcare Hero from Ottawa, Ontario

Alea de Castro Winner of the Ontario Healthcare Hero Contest from Spark Lifecare
Alea de Castro (on the left)

Alea has been a well-respected Registered Nurse since 2013, specializing in Medical-Surgical care.

She was one of the first nurses to volunteer at the initial Covid Assessment Centres when the pandemic first hit, including Brewer Park Centres, and Covid Screen/Screening at The Ottawa General Hospital – which she admits was both a very challenging and rewarding experience.

Alea continues to work at Surgical Day Care as a Registered Nurse, as well as with Ottawa Public Health for Contact and Case Management. But her resume doesn’t stop there. 

During the summer of Covid, Alea was deployed to a Long Term Care centre in Northern British Columbia for two months. She worked with some of the most vulnerable population at that time – with very limited PPE and staff. She was brave enough to temporarily relocate to assist in a long-term care centre that had been hit hard by COVID. Alea risked her own health and life to do this, as so many other health care workers did, and continue to do for our country.

Here is what one of her nominators has to say about Alea:

“When the Health Care Unit and Support Staff were feeling the burnout at the Ottawa Hospital, Alea reached out to a pizza company to donate pizzas to the entire Ottawa Hospital! The food reminded health care workers that they were appreciated, and gave them one less thing to prepare for that day: Lunch.”  

Because that’s the kind of human being Alea is!

Congratulations, Alea! And on behalf of the Spark Lifecare team, thank you for all of your hard work throughout the pandemic this past year. 

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