Recognizing Ontario’s incredible healthcare workers.

This past year brought on unprecedented times and our healthcare community is what has got us through. We’re taking the remaining profit and changing the life of a healthcare hero in Ontario who went above and beyond to protect the community by giving them $10,000 CAD.

Someone who put their own lives at risk by working their essential job during the pandemic to keep us safe. This could be a nurse, a support worker, therapist or healthcare aid. Each as important as the next and deserving of so much more than they got.

A Word from Our CEO

Hey Ontario, 

I was recently going through year end financial reviews as I do every year and something unexpected caught my eye. As a social enterprise, Spark gauges it’s success on the impact we have on our clients vs the impact of our bottom line. Since inception, we have carefully planned a break even year end focused on re-investing our potential profits into our people and systems.

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Nominate Ontario’s Healthcare Hero

We want to recognize an incredible healthcare worker during one of the most difficult and demanding years of service. We’ve heard of the sacrifices the healthcare community has made for their role and we want to recognize someone who went above and beyond. This could be a nurse, caregiver, a support worker, therapist or healthcare aid and more. This person persevered through the pandemic to keep us safe. They put their clients needs first and overcame job obstacles that may arise. Whether it was advocating for their client or navigating difficult work circumstances, we want to hear your story.

We will be choosing the winner based on these four pillars:


Advocating for their client


Perseverance in their role


Overcoming difficult circumstances


Putting themselves at risk for their community

Eligibility & Nominee Requirements:

  • Must be an Ontario Healthcare Worker
  • Must be working in healthcare during the pandemic (March 2020 to Present)
  • Comfortable with us sharing your story on our website and social media
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