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Embark on a journey of friendship-building and personal growth with fun social activities and a supportive community.
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Empowering Young Minds in a Safe and Supportive Environment

Youth on the Go! is an 8-week in-person social club program designed to provide youths with an opportunity to explore new friendships and develop their social skills in a safe and supportive environment with planned activities around the Ottawa area. 

This is an inclusive program open to all high-functioning, independent and verbal youths (ages 12-15 years old), whether they are living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, have other support needs, or are in need of an enjoyable social experience.

Engage in a lot of fun activities,
some of which include:

ABA Youth on the Go! social club program activity, game nights with board games, card games, checkers and bingo

Game Nights

e.g. Bingo, cards, board games, checkers

ABA Youth on the Go! social club program activity, exercise activities with bowling and trampolining

Exercise Activities

e.g. Bowling, trampolining

ABA Youth on the Go! social club program activity, workshops with building birdhouses and crafting mugs


e.g. Building birdhouses, crafting mugs

ABA Youth on the Go! social club program activity, dinner outings

Dinner Outings

ABA Youth on the Go! social club program activity, movie nights

Movie Nights


Throughout the program, participants will experience a wide range of benefits:

Inclusive Environment

Nurturing a welcoming and accepting space to help foster a sense of belonging for all participants

Community Building

Accessing a supportive network from our team of care professionals to a community of like-minded youths

Enjoyable Social Experience

Delivering an enriched and balanced social experience through structured, fun activities and free interaction

Social Skill Development

Promoting friendships and improving communication skills to help strengthen social and interpersonal connections

Personal Growth

Encouraging self-discovery and empowering youths to step out of their comfort zones

Parent and Caregiver Support

Providing respite, a support network, and assurance of a safe environment for youths

ABA Youth on the Go! social club program, community of youths with hands raised

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$330 per participant2



October 16 – December 11, 2023

Mondays, 6:00–8:00 PM ET

The deadline for registration is October 11.

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  1. Dates and weeks are subject to change with respect to public holidays or scheduling conflicts.
  2. Additional costs will be applied for community activities.

Program Benefits

  • Fostering belonging in a welcoming and inclusive space
  • Joining a supportive network of like-minded youths and a team of care professionals
  • Engaging in fun activities and free interaction for enriched social experiences
  • Promoting valuable, lifelong social and communication skills
  • Strengthening social connections through communication and new friendships
  • Offering respite and peace of mind in a safe environment

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