Bronwyn Grant

Bronwyn’s mission is to ensure all people in need of massage therapy have access wherever they need it. She wants to change the paradigm in which most RMTs work and give them an opportunity to be independent both financially and professionally. Bronwyn is a Registered Massage Therapist who includes both...
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Erika Davies

Erika’s experience working in a children’s hospice and on a post-suicide intervention team has taught her the invaluable lesson of just being there for people. While studying health psychology she researched harm reduction and mindfulness-based strategies for substance use. This led her to a CHEO-produced alternative youth mental health program...
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George Stawowczyk

George has a lifelong passion and dedication to helping people. A formal education in the medical field has taught him how to better understand and empathize with the wide scope of disabilities and diseases that people live with each and every day. Since childhood, he has been rooted in qualities...
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Jenna Thompson

Most people probably look at Jenna’s buttoned-down appearance and professional manner and assume she’s all corporate, all the time. But few are aware that late in the evening, she dons her superhero outfit and transforms into the sidekick of her 8-year-old son, Keenan. As a single mom of a child...
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Kerrie Whitehurst

Kerrie’s official background is in healthcare communications, but her true passion has always been working with seniors and their families. Kerrie’s first-ever visit to a long-term care residence was when she was 5 years old, and it made a lasting impression. As members of a community children’s choir, Kerrie and...
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Laura Treffers

Laura is ecstatic to be bringing the Spark way of caregiving back to her hometown of Brockville. She brings a background in Applied Behavioural Psychology and experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Laura once ran a health food store and is passionate about mental health, social justice, and the role...
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Lisa Virtue

Through personal experience with her daughter’s health issues, Lisa has developed a passion for helping people through their rehab journeys. She’s added coursework focused on children with ADHD, OCD, Autism, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome to her massage therapy and educational assistant background. A naturally empathetic and caring person, she builds...
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Mike McNeil

Mike has helped build Spark since the very beginning. He pioneered the Care Partner role and his patience, love for people and talent for team building have been essential to our journey. A certified Recreational Therapist, Mike brings a strengths-based approach to empowering children and youth with complex needs. His...
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Rachel Hammerton

Rachel wears many hats at Spark: leading our talent recruitment, developing Spark in the GTA and doing all the behind-the-scenes work of a Care Partner. With a background as a Registered Psychotherapist, she works with empathy and compassion and always sees clients as people first. Rachel is passionate about a...
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Robyn Van Steinburg

Robyn believes the most important part of being a good nurse is setting the client up to succeed even without your presence. She’s been on the frontlines since she was 17 years old as a PSW, a behavioural counsellor, and now a Registered Practical Nurse 🏥. She comes with a...
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