Alana Fleming

Alana is passionate about all things creative 🎨. She has experience working on Blockbuster films (in the post-production pipeline), building brand identity for companies, and bringing board games to life with her illustrations. When it comes to creating content for web, print, and video Alana is an expert. You can...
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Anyi Ndongko

The Creative Director and architect of Spark’s website and unique design style. Anyi has built our entire visual language. The beauty and clarity of the work speaks for itself. 🎨
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Chris Jackson

Years of reading words, writing words and thinking about words have taught Chris that less is more. He still cares a little too much though.
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Julia Weber

Julia has a passion for everything marketing. She loves putting new ideas into action and finding creative ways to build communities online. She’s worked in marketing for many years and has had the pleasure of working with global brands on a variety of campaigns. Julia is always learning new strategies...
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Kaily Kay

Kaily is focused on change-making work and storytelling as a tool for connection and influencing meaning. Her consulting and creative business Kaily Kay Strategy & Creatives specializes in production, creative direction and digital strategy that focuses on economic development, community growth and advocacy. Kaily is driven by a passion to...
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Kristin Perrin

Kristin is a Freelance Creative Writer & WSET 3 Certified Sommelier based in Ottawa, Canada. When not writing for her clients, or conducting virtual wine events, she loves to write poetry in her spare time. Kristin loves to eat, sip, and laugh with good company 🍷.
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