We built Spark on a vision of care done differently.

Through our experiences in the sector, we’d seen a lot of stress, frustration and burnout. From other healthcare providers and the families receiving care. The problem wasn’t with the people. It was with the system. So we decided to create our own.

Fast forward 8 years and thousands of referrals later—we’ve made that vision a reality. We do things differently. Read on for why that makes a difference for everyone involved.

Why should I choose Spark?


Access to expertise

In addition to our Care Partners who oversee day to day client care, Spark has a variety of Care Specialists who are available to support providers on topics such as brain injury, chronic pain, complex behaviour and mental health.

An exceptional, supported care team

Spark has an extensive selection process—less than 3% of candidates who apply are hired. This ensures a higher quality of care with fewer disruptions. We also support Spark University, which gives all our care providers access to continuing education and personal growth opportunities.

Clear, regular communication

All Spark clients have a dedicated Care Partner who is responsible for overseeing a client’s services. Care Partners communicate with clients and providers regularly, which facilitates quick communication and a clear picture of what’s happening on a day-to-day basis.

Involving you, empowering your clients

Our approach is to empower clients to maximize their independence and direct their own care. We’ve seen that matching clients to the right care provider results in a better care experience. As a Case Manager, your input is an important part of the matching process and helps us ensure we’re building a care team based on what’s important to your client and their care.

Professional, personalized client care

Spark providers come from a variety of backgrounds which allows us to tailor care to each client. Our model of care ensures that our providers have access to ongoing support from regulated health professionals, enabling proactive problem solving and streamlined communication.

Simple, secure documentation platform

Our Family Portal provides a simple, secure online platform for clients, families and external health care providers to monitor clients' progress with their care goals. This includes real-time access to schedules and care logs.
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