We built Spark on a vision of care done differently.

Through our experiences in the sector, we’d seen a lot of stress, frustration and burnout. From other healthcare providers and the families receiving care. The problem wasn’t with the people. It was with the system. So we decided to create our own.

Fast forward 8 years and thousands of referrals later—we’ve made that vision a reality. We do things differently. Read on for why that makes a difference for everyone involved.

Why should I choose Spark?


A Care Partner in your corner

From day one we provide you with a dedicated Care Partner. They are your one point of contact—managing all the moving parts of your care. They listen to your concerns, direct your care plan, and advocate for you to the other people involved in your care.   More about Care Partners

A simple, secure hub for your documentation

Through our secure Family Portal, you and your care team can access all your documentation quickly and easily. We can provide access to select family members and anyone else who supports your healthcare.

Care tailored to you

Before services begin, a Care Partner will visit your home to learn about your interests, goals and care needs. We listen to your story and then carefully match you with the care provider who fits what you need. Not just the next person available.  And though we take care of the process, you always have the final say.

Consistent, reliable service, on your schedule

Once you’ve chosen your care provider, you customize the schedule. We stick to your schedule. You can rest easy knowing exactly when your care provider will be there. And no more wondering whether yet another stranger will show up to your home. With us, it’s always the same care provider you know and trust.

Less administration, more time

We handle all the administrative aspects of your care. Scheduling, hiring, paperwork, invoicing, everything. We work closely with your entire healthcare team behind the scenes. The time sink of dealing with various organizations, systems and processes—gone. You can focus on the things that are important to you.

The best healthcare in your community

With only 3% of applicants making it through our hiring process, Spark healthcare providers are an exclusive group. It’s a diverse team with a variety of backgrounds, experience and expertise. The one thing they all have in common is a passion for helping people live their best lives.
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