We built Spark on a vision of care done differently.

Through our experiences in the sector, we’d seen a lot of stress, frustration and burnout. From other healthcare providers and the families receiving care. The problem wasn’t with the people. It was with the system. So we decided to create our own.

Fast forward 8 years and thousands of referrals later—we’ve made that vision a reality. We do things differently. Read on for why that makes a difference for everyone involved.

Why should I choose Spark?


Customized client support from regulated professionals

Our model of care includes customized client support at all stages of rehabilitation and guarantees that care providers have access to support and coaching from regulated health professionals with comprehensive MVA experience. This ensures proactive problem solving and efficient communication.

Fast, efficient communication

Spark has several streamlined systems in place which allow for timely communication with insurance adjusters, legal representatives and health care providers.

More time for your case

Your legal team’s time is valuable. When clients are well supported by their rehabilitation team, it allows your team to focus their time and energy where it’s needed. Let us take care of your client while you take care of their case.

Multiple service offerings, less administration

Spark offers a variety of services including occupational therapy, case management, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy, and attendant care. Having multiple services available through one organization facilitates better communication within the rehab team, minimizes administrative tasks, and helps manage client stress and anxiety.

Secure, online documentation

We’ve invested heavily in user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant software for documentation. Our providers complete comprehensive assessments; progress reports and shift notes are available for both rehabilitation therapy and attendant care. With all documentation online, reports and notes can be quickly and easily sent when requested.

Single point of contact

Our Care Partners are your single point of contact for monthly updates on how services are being implemented, how funds are being used, and which therapies are working best. Their involvement reduces case management time—allowing funds to be redirected to the therapies your client needs. The days of chasing reports and hounding for information are gone.
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