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Empowering Young Adults with ABI/TBI

ABI/TBI Connections is an empowering and dynamic social support group program designed for young adults (ages 18-30) living with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or other Neurological Conditions in the Ottawa area. 

This 8-week in-person program is tailored to enhance your physical, emotional, and social well-being by equipping you with the tools and resources necessary for long-term health and success.


Throughout the program, you’ll experience a wide range of benefits:

Building Community

Fostering meaningful social connections and building a strong sense of community with individuals who understand your journey

Boosting Confidence

Discovering newfound self-confidence and a sense of purpose by exploring your values and setting meaningful goals

Enhancing Fitness

Learning about the benefits of physical activity and identifying different tools and strategies that can be used to increase physical activity levels and improve overall fitness

Strengthening Resilience

Gaining valuable tools, resources, and coping strategies to navigate challenges and enhance your mental wellness

Enriching Skills

Seizing opportunities to learn new skills, such as healthy cooking and stress management, to further enrich your life

Participants in the ABI TBI social support group program discuss self-care benefits and practice techniques for emotional well-being, including an art therapy session for creative expression.

Program Breakdown

During the course of this program, you will embark on transformative experiences that will allow you to connect, grow, and thrive alongside a supportive community.

Week 1: Introduction & Goal Setting

Embark on an incredible journey of growth, collaboration, and self-discovery!

As we kick off this program, you’ll have the chance to meet our amazing program staff and connect with fellow participants. Through fun icebreakers and engaging team-building activities, we will focus on forging strong bonds and fostering a supportive environment where everyone’s voice is valued. We will also work on goal setting, allowing each participant to identify their aspirations and set a roadmap for personal development.

Week 2: Physical Activity

Get ready for an active and rejuvenating week.

Join us for an enjoyable group fitness class to get you moving and having fun.

We’ll start off with a group discussion about physical activity and shall offer a variety of options to explore at your own pace throughout the session. We will learn the many benefits of physical activity, highlighting its positive impact on both the body and mind.

Week 3: Mindfulness & Relaxation

Get ready for a week dedicated to relaxation and peace of mind.

This week, we will have a group introductory discussion about mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation – providing you with valuable tools to calm your mind and find inner peace.

Experience the tranquillity firsthand during a guided meditation session, gentle yoga/ stretching exercises, or other relaxation activities, where you can let go of stress and embrace a state of relaxation and calm. We will explore effective techniques for managing stress, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with ease.

Week 4: Connection & Social Support

Get ready for a week of growth, connection, and empowerment.

We’ll kick things off with a group discussion on building and maintaining social support networks, where you’ll learn valuable strategies to foster meaningful connections. You will work on developing communication and conflict resolution skills to help navigate new and challenging situations with confidence and grace. 

To put your skills to practice, we’ll embark on a coffee shop outing, where you’ll have the opportunity to independently interact with people, boosting your self-assurance and independence. With engaging team-building activities, you will also learn how to strengthen bonds with fellow participants to foster collaboration and camaraderie.

Week 5: Healthy Habits

Get ready for a week of healthy discovery.

Join us for a fun and interactive group cooking class, where we’ll create delicious and wholesome snacks together.

This week, we will focus on the importance of cultivating healthy habits for optimal well-being. We’ll introduce you to a range of practices that promote mental health, equipping you with valuable tools to enhance your overall well-being. As a group, we’ll explore and exchange ideas on fostering healthy habits in our daily lives and learn about healthy eating habits and nutritious choices that can nourish both our bodies and minds.

Week 6: Outdoor Adventure

Get ready to embrace adventure in the great outdoors.

With a guided trail walk excursion, we will explore nature’s wonders and immerse ourselves in outdoor team-building activities that will ignite your spirit of adventure and foster strong bonds with your fellow participants. We will have insightful discussions and uncover the numerous benefits of outdoor activities for both physical and mental health, from boosting our fitness levels to reducing stress and enhancing our overall well-being.

Week 7: Mental Health & Self-Care

Get ready to prioritize your self-care and unlock your creativity.

We’ll begin with an open and engaging discussion on mental health, exploring the importance of self-care practices for overall well-being. Prepare to be introduced to various self-care techniques that can help nurture your mental and emotional health. We’ll also delve into the realm of creative expression with a captivating art therapy session, allowing you to tap into your inner artist and find solace in the process.

Week 8: Wrap-Up & Celebration

Get ready to conclude this program with a sense of accomplishment, clarity, and the tools to sustain your growth into the future.

As we wrap up the final week of the program, we will be celebrating your achievements and reflecting on the incredible journey you’ve taken. We’ll engage in meaningful reflection and review the goals you set at the beginning of the program, allowing you to assess your progress and celebrate the milestones you’ve reached. With a thought-provoking discussion on maintaining healthy habits and connections beyond the program, we will equip you with sustainable strategies to continue prioritizing your well-being and nurturing the connections you’ve formed.

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