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Supporting Families and Parents of
Children with Special Needs

Stepping Stones Triple P is a 9-week intensive parenting group program designed to help make parenting children with special needs easier by equipping participants with the skills and confidence needed to tackle different challenges. This intervention program is for families and parents of children with special needs who currently have or are at risk of developing behavioural problems.

During the course of this program, we’ll share practical tools, strategies, and recommendations for managing behavioural difficulties that are common in children with disabilities or developmental concerns. Using a research-based training approach, we will provide you with the resources to help navigate emotional and behavioural difficulties to help promote your child’s development.


Gain access to intensive tools and resources to help you along your parenting journey:

Effective Parenting

Equipping parents with essential tools and knowledge to make parenting children with special needs more manageable

Research-Based Approach

Using evidence-based strategies to navigate emotional and behavioural hurdles while promoting your child’s development

Proactive Support

Supporting families by building their skills and confidence to tackle challenges head-on

Parental Empowerment

Helping parents seize control of their parenting journey to foster stronger and harmonious relationships

Holistic Development

Ensuring a comprehensive approach to help address your child’s unique needs and nurture their overall growth

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Program Breakdown

The program is comprised of 9 weekly sessions broken into three parts:

Banner of Part 1 of the Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program: Group Parenting Skills and Training Sessions

Part 1: Group Parenting Skills and Training Sessions

6 Weeks

Participants will engage in group sessions focused on building essential parenting skills and acquiring valuable training. These sessions provide a supportive environment for parents to share experiences, learn effective strategies, and develop a strong foundation for successful parenting.

Banner of Part 2 of the Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program: Individual Telephone Sessions

Part 2: Individual Telephone Sessions

2 Weeks

Parents will receive personalized support with individual telephone sessions. These one-on-one interactions allow for tailored guidance, addressing specific concerns, and offering a more intimate opportunity to apply the program’s principles to their unique parenting situations.

Banner of Part 3 of the Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program: Closing Session

Part 3: Closing Session

1 Week

In the final week, we will reflect on what we’ve learned, celebrate our progress, and get ready to use our new skills confidently in our parenting journey.

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